Ékstases—the plural transportive state of exalted reality

Join us for more than a performance. At the heart of it’s programming, Ékstases invites you to experience the enchanting human emotions of another age; an age of mysterious beauty and melan choly.

Ékstases is a Berlin-based vocal ensemble established in 2017 focusing primarily on medieval and renaissance repertoire. The group’s vision is to bring to life rarely performed works, drawing on ancient texts and manuscripts to celebrate music which continues to speak to us despite the passage of time.

Chloe Weiss, Lucy Straathof, Hans Tschuschke, Dimitrios Theodoridis (Artistic Director)

Artistic Director

Dimitrios Theodoridis has a passion for early music

Dimitri hails from New Zealand with Greek heritage and has been been singing in ensembles for over ten years. He graduated from the New Zealand School of Music with a Bachelor of Music (Hons) in historical musicology and also majored in composition. During this time he began producing concerts of early music and serving as a board member on various committees for music and the arts including the Hellenic New Zealand Congress.

Since 2014 he has been active in Berlin as a musician where he co-founded Ékstases.